Lindsay Stripling // Real Imaginary Places
Irving Street Projects // July 1 – September 30
Opening Reception // Saturday, August 5 2-5pm

Using a narrative style of painting and her own cast of contemporary characters, local artist Lindsay Stripling will develop a large-scale installation illustrating a neighborhood mythology influenced by her observations on daily walks in the Outer Sunset. Stripling’s work is characteristically populated with animal-human hybrids, downed tree branches, oversized disembodied heads, floating swimmers, and talking animals and insects involved in bizarre situations. These and other imaginary beings will populate a surreal tableaux inspired by her everyday surroundings, evolving over the next three months.
Real Imaginary Places will continue Stripling’s exploration of the ancient concept of ouroborous; the eternal cycle of destruction and re-creation symbolized by a dragon or serpent eating its own tail. Particular attention will be paid to the ways in which certain locales change, shift and take on new meaning during daylight and nighttime hours, as we orbit the sun as part of an infinite cycle of creation and destruction, life, death, and constant change.
An opening reception will be held on Saturday, August 5th from 2-5pm, and Stripling will lead a mask-making workshop on Saturday, September 9th 10am-12pm. Those interested in attending the workshop should RSVP to Additional public programming will be announced.
Lindsay Stripling is a San Francisco-based artist working in the Outer Sunset district. She studied photography at UC Santa Cruz and painting at San Francisco Art Institute. Lindsay uses color and form to create dreamlike narratives that echo folk and fairy tales. Mysterious characters exist in familiar landscapes, playing out scenes from stories with no beginning, middle or end; where the moral might be lost, switched, blurred or just completely missing.